Cash Puppy Day 2

Day 1 – What did I just get myself into?

Dear Puppy,

I was up all night last night.

What did I just get myself into?

Puppy anxiety

I’ve never had a dog before. I need to train you to be awesome. But I’ve never trained a dog before!

Breed anxiety

You’re a pitbull.  People will automatically dislike you. Automatically. What if I’m not the right person to prove them wrong?

Pitbulls are notoriously dog aggressive. What if you don’t get along with other dogs?

You’re gonna get so big

What if you’re aggressive? What if I can’t teach you? What if you’re bad?

You bit me like hell today.  What if you bite someone else?

You’re noisy. What if the neighbors hate you?

poo and pee everywhere?

You’re going to make a mess everywhere. You peed on my floor and pooped and peed at the pet store. What if I can’t house train you?

Charlie and I both go to work for long hours every day. What are we going to do with you? How will you go potty? What if you escape? What if the neighbors complain? What if you get ahold of the neighbors’ cat?

This morning when I came downstairs, the entire place smelled like dog. You’re so smelly!

Good boy

But this morning when I came to check on you after your first night, you were awesome! You didn’t make any kind of mess and you instead went potty right on cue when I took you outside! Good boy!

Such a Polite puppy

We also took you out for your first walk this morning and you were AMAZING! I was prepared for a wayward pup that needed lots of correcting and training. But you followed us so closely and didn’t tug or stray or stop to try to sniff things. What great on-leash manners you have!

Bad boy

But then when I opened the door for you to go into your pen, you were very disobedient. You barked and ran away. Time for a time out.

I put you on time out and oh, the noises you made. You barked and whimpered for so long. I thought I’d be late to work.

Omgggg what if I can’t train you?

Your human,


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