Cash Puppy Day 6

Day 6 – Meeting other pups

Dear Pup,

You met 3 other dogs today! They’re all full-grown and you’re the only puppy, so you’re the annoying one by default. It’s ok, you’ll learn.

You met a pitbull who was sooo much bigger than you. But lucky for you he likes puppies and was tolerant of all your in-your-face hurry-up-let’s-play-now antics. You’ll learn doggy etiquette eventually.

Even though you couldn’t successfully get one of the doggies to really play with you, I’m so proud of you today! You got exposed to so many new things and met other dogs and people and you are just this little sponge ready to play and learn.

I did get scared for you, because you got snapped, barked, and growled at. But it’s ok. This was such a good experience for you!

And my sister woke you up at 4am just so she could hold you. Sorry to wake you pup, but you’re just that darn lovable.

Your human,


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