day 52 letters to my puppy pit bull cash

Day 52 – A self-guided tour upstairs


Dear Puppy,

Normally when you try to follow us upstairs, we tell you to stay. And you do. You’re not allowed upstairs and you’ve yet to be up there.

Oh, hi there

This morning I forgot to tell you explicitly to Stay before I went upstairs. And when I came out of the upstairs bathroom, there you were! Just casually finding your way into the bedroom.

I have to admit, my heart melted a little bit. You’ve never been upstairs before and sometimes I just want to be able to let you come up!

Not Yet

But, I’m not ready to make this decision yet. You’ve been great with potty-training and all, but once I let you upstairs, there’s kind of no undoing that. So I felt bad making you go back downstairs. You were all wobbly and unsure on the stairs. But you can’t just be coming up like that on your own!

Maybe one day soon

Maybe soon you’ll be allowed upstairs. I think Charlie needs more convincing than I do. You need to help me convince him by being a good pup!

Your human,


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