Letters to my puppy cash pitbull cone of shame

Day 62 – Barky, whiny

Dear Pup,

You seem to be recovering nicely from your procedure, but you are extremely whiny!

Second day of kindergarten

We went to your second day of kindergarten today. You were much better at focusing, but you were also extremely barky. We did an exercise where all the humans tie their dogs’ leashes to the wall and step away from their pups. YOU were extremely vocal that you did not like this.
Poor pup, I think you’re feeling clingy and neglected ever since your procedure. I hope this is temporary…

Whining to go outside

Yesterday you also sat and stared at the front door. And whined. You’ve never ever done this before and it made me soooo sad. Whining at the front door. Not because you needed to go potty (only the backdoor is used for that), but I’m guessing because you wanted to go outside to the park or to run around. Because that’s the door we go out of when we take you somewhere fun.

You poor pup! We were instructed not to let you do any kind of running or strenuous exercise for 10 days. We’re not even supposed to be letting you outside to go potty without being on a leash–that’s how serious things are. (But…we’ve been pretty lenient on that one).

Light stroll

Instead, we took you out for a light stroll around the neighborhood. You’ve been indoors an awful lot…And you seemed to waddle with excitement on our walk!

Sorry, pup. Just a few more days…

On the bright side, your incision seems to be healing quite nicely!

Your human,

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