Letters to my puppy cash day 99

Day 99 – Time to up the training

Dear Puppy,

Stuffing everywhere

After a long day at work after our first-ever puppy weekend trip, this is how you decided to greet me when I came home: by chewing up your bed and ripping out the stuffing in small pieces strewn about EVERYWHERE.

Understandably, a day at home alone while I was at work was probably a big change for you in comparison to this weekend.

time to up your training

At home, you’re great. And for the most part you’re easy to deal with when we take you out. Sometimes you’re so surprisingly well-behaved when we go out.

And then there’s times when you’re super amped up crazy rambunctious. So we’ve got to find a way to curb the crazy.

The magic of Peanut butter

I took you for a walk today. And I tried something new:

Instead of carrying treats in my pocket and rewarding you every time you heel, I just carried an open baby food jar filled with peanut butter by my leg, as low to the ground as possible.

It worked like a charm!

Letters to my puppy pit bull cash peanut butter

You were totally by my side the whole time. Every time you looked up at me while you walked alongside me, I let you have a lick of peanut butter. Not only did it keep you super focused on me, but it also kept your mouth busy so that you didn’t try to eat everything you found on the ground. (Lately you’ve been getting more and more adventurous with eating things you find outside).

maybe one day we can try this without the peaut butter?

I don’t love the feeling of ‘luring’ you with food. But according to puppy kindergarten, you’ll eventually learn to be just as awesome without the food. It’s just a matter of practice and time.

So, looks like we’ll keep on practicing.

Your human,



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