Day 120 – First DogVacay Pick Up

Dear Puppy,

Today was a loooong day.

First DogVacay Stay and Pick up

After we landed, we drove straight to your DogVacay host’s house to pick you up.

Your tail was wagging like crazy and you gave us a very excited welcome.

We were told you were a good pup during your stay and made some puppy friends. So cute!

Damage control

A fact the DogVacay host seemed to gloss over is that you completely ruined your harness. Chewed straight through it.

I don’t love the implications of you totally destroying your harness. It means you were locked up and unsupervised for a LONG time…

Emergency Shopping Trip

After picking you up, we immediately went to go buy you a new harness. We have Obedience School tomorrow, and you’re gonna need a harness. And I unfortunately didn’t have any other opportunity to buy you a new harness.

Letters to my puppy cash pitbull

Since you didn’t have a harness nor leash, I stayed with you in the car while Charlie ran in to get you a new harness, which also meant he was in charge of choosing the color. So your harness is now black instead of blue.

Bath time

You were quite the smelly dog, so we also gave you a bath the moment we got into the house.


And now, I’m exhausted. And apparently, so are you. You are just hanging out in your crate.

Thoughts of first dogVacay stay


I definitely prefer this to a kennel. You get much, much more 1-1 time with other dogs and humans. And I get email updates and can contact your caretaker directly, which is extremely comforting, even though I didn’t need to use it.


You chewing up your harness wasn’t awesome. I hope it means you weren’t pent up for a super long time. But, the extra $20 or so for a new harness sure beats the premium that I had to pay in surprise charges when I picked you up from the kennel.


I’d definitely use DogVacay again and recommend it to other dog owners.

Your human,


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