Letters to my puppy poo roomba

Day 160 – Poo everywhere [WARNING: GROSS POO PICTURE]

Dear Puppy,

This morning I learned the hard way:

It’s important to lock your crate at night

This morning I woke up to the smell of poo.

I walked downstairs and the smell was worse. Much worse. And then, I saw it.

You pooed in the kitchen.

Ok, this would have been manageable. The kitchen is tile. Wipes easily.

But then I saw tracks. Poo tracks. Roomba poo tracks. And a dead Roomba.

The Roomba choked and died on your poo.

Words cannot describe…so here’s a gross picture:

letters to my puppy roomba poo

I don’t know how I didn’t barf.

Buh-bye, Roomba.

I tried to save you, Roomba. But…there was just no way.

Floor mats, I shall miss you as well.

Fun fact, after all was said and done, Charlie decides to tell me that he fed you a bunch of watermelon. Without removing the seeds.

And watermelon is known to give dogs diarrhea. Thanks, Charlie.

And thanks, pup.

Your human,


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