Letters to my puppy pitbull cash

Day 173 – Peeing indoors after Rover

Dear Puppy,

Today is the second full day that you’ve been home since we picked you up from your Rover sitter yesterday.

And you peed indoors.

I can’t make sense of it. I can’t even remember the last time you peed indoors. You had just been outside multiple times. And you didn’t give us any warning.

On the bright side…

You did manage to be right next to the door, like you THOUGHT about telling us that you needed to go potty.

This is adding to the list of bad behaviors since your Rover stay.

Trying not to play the blame game

I’m trying not to think it has anything to do with your Rover stay. But it does seem like an odd coincidence that you suddenly have all these bad behaviors since we picked you up.

Or maybe you’re punishing us for leaving you.


It’s hard to be mad at you because you seem to be disciplining yourself. You won’t come out of your crate now, and you seem really sad.

So sad, pup. So sad.

Your human,



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