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Day 274 – Day one of our weekend doggy vacay

Dear Puppy,

Road Trip!

Today is the start of our weekend road trip!

Destination: South Lake Tahoe

And you’re coming, too!

Car ride

I daresay you handled the 3-4 hour drive better than I did. You were so good and quiet the entire ride.

I’m super thankful that you don’t get carsick. I can’t imagine how difficult that would make road trips.

All checked in

This is your second hotel ever! You loved your first hotel a few months ago, and it seems like you might like this one even more.

Your tail has been wagging non-stop since we got here. It’s long past your your bed time, but you’re showing no signs of turning in any time soon.

Enjoy yourself, pup. We’re on vacation!

Your human,



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