letters to my puppy cash pit bull

Day 275 – Can everywhere be this dog-friendly?

Dear Puppy,


This town is so dog-friendly! We were able to take you almost everywhere with us today.

Behaved at brunch

Our first stop on today’s adventure was food (of course!) We found a nice spot with a dog-friendly front patio. They even had dog bowls so that you could enjoy a nice drink of water while we humans brunched.

letters to my puppy cash pit bull

So many table scraps

Charlie loves to spoil you with little bits of human food as long as you aren’t begging. And of course as long as the food is safe for doggies. (It’s also our strategy to expose you to different types of food so that you don’t have a sensitive stomach…so many messy stories about dogs with sensitive stomachs). So you scored more than a couple pieces of burger patty. Yum, beef!

Beach, please

After breakfast we headed to a dog-friendly beach. The moment we parked, your tail was going a mile a minute.

Like water? not so much…

Charlie tried walking into the water with you like it was no big deal, but he couldn’t fool you. You immediately put the breaks on, so hard that you slipped right out of your collar (dogs are required to be on-leash) and bolted away from the shore!

letters to my puppy cash pit bull afraid of water

The good news

You’re a strong swimmer! You don’t like the water, but at least you can handle yourself.

Burying you in the sand

This is what happens when you don’t want to go in the water:

letters to my puppy cash pit bull buried in the sand

Fetch, Pass out, repeat

The moment we returned to the hotel, this happened:

letters to my puppy cash pit bull sleeping

Looks like someone had a great time.

Your human,


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