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Day 276 – Last day of our weekend vacay

Dear Puppy,

Today was the last day of our weekend roadtrip vacay. Time to go home!

So good at brunch

After checking out in the morning, we went to go grab some brunch. I love how dog-friendly this town is! We were able to eat outside on the patio with you.

letters to my puppy cash pit waiting at brunch

While we were eating, a lady stopped by our table to comment on how well-behaved you are! I was already super flattered, but then she told us that she’s been training border collies for over 20 years and that she “just had to stop by and [let us know what a great job we’re doing]”.

People here are so nice!

Returning home

You were sooo good in the car ride home. I feel like you’re much better at handling long car rides than I am. Not a single peep the whole time.

The moment we got home, you ran into your crate and laid down. Someone missed home?!

Tired running

Before letting you completely settle in, I took you for a quick run around the neighborhood. Your on-leash manners were the gentlemen-est of gentlemen. Tired puppies are happy puppies!

Time to get back into the home routine now.

Your human,


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