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Day 285 – A little too rough of rough play

Dear Puppy,

Today I took you to our usual neighborhood dog park. And shortly after we arrived, so did a bunch of other puppies!

Puppy park

So much energy in the park today! The other pups were the same age as you, just over a year old. So many wagging tails.

Not the scary one today

When I take you to parks, I’m on alert for how certain other dog owners might respond to you. Unfortunately, some people will automatically label you straight up bad news on account of your breed. It hasn’t come up at this park, but I try to be pretty tuned in.

And these same owners will automatically and inaccurately label your play style as aggressive, even if your play style were identical to that of a cute little yorkie puppy. Even wranglers of puppy playgroups have wrongfully pinned the blame on you.

So imagine my surprise, when today someone asked me if I was OK with the way their pup was playing with you, explaining that their pup had a rough play style. I wanted to give her a huge hug and tell her not to worry. I’ve been there, too.

Rough play

I have to admit, today actually was one of the rare times that I was a little concerned another dog might actually be playing too rough with you. One of the other pups bit you so hard on your neck that you actually yelped, but then he immediately backed down. And you guys started playing like nothing happened.

You guys seemed to be having a good time and there was a good back-and-forth, so I didn’t want to be THAT owner.

Maybe a little too rough

It wasn’t until much, much later tonight that I discovered you had been bitten so hard that you had a fresh scab on your neck: 4 holes, 1 bite.

letters to my puppy cash neck wound

Poor puppy! My guess is that it’s why you yelped that one time. But, being the tank that you are, like that time you got four shots in one day and didn’t even notice, you probably didn’t notice this either.

But aww poor pups!

Your human,



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