hardwood floor dog scratches

Day 306 – Puppy floor scratches

Dear Puppy,

I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised by how “easy” it’s been to train and take care of you. As a first time dog owner whose knowledge of owning a dog was limited to other people’s experience and (horror) stories, I was anxiously preparing for the house to take a beating: poo, pee, and chewed up everything.

But the list of damages has been pretty small so far:

And now that you’re older, I thought we were out of the woods. You’re a whole year old now.

And then I came home to this:

hardwood floor dog scratches


I can’t even…WHAT?! What even happened here? Were you trying to dig your way through the floorboards?


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  • Hmmm… That is strange. Doggies are experts at making us laugh as well as scratch our heads.

    After several years of dogs, the wood floors of my 1950’s-built house were totally scuffed. Several years ago had them refinished & am delighted that modern finishes are much more resilient.

    Doggies definitely get away with a lot, with their cute faces 🙂

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