letters to my puppy cash pit bull 1 year old

Day 314 – Helping make a good name for pit bulls

Dear Puppy,

Today is a great day. Today is a sign of hope for pit bulls everywhere, or rather, for pit bull dislikers everywhere.

In the 9 months that you’ve stayed with us, you’ve been able to make some amazing progress on earning our neighbor’s mild affection. It’s been a slow journey:

When we told our neighbor we just got a pit bull

As you can imagine, the reaction wasn’t fantastic. In fact, it was something along the lines of:

A pit bull? …Well, this is really more of a cat community.

Not a great start.

Leaving a conversation on account of the pit bull

During the next encounter, she excused herself from the conversation saying

I’m going to go inside…I’m not big on pit bulls.


Nearly a compliment

Then, the next time we saw her, she inquired whether you were home during the day, because

He’s home? I never hear him

That almost felt like praise!

A warm smile

Lately we’ve been walking with you off-leash a lot: Getting the mail? Doggy is off-leash. Taking out the trash? Off-leash. Getting the mail? Off-leash. Going for a night-time walk? Off-leash.

And so far we’ve been lucky enough not to run into any neighbors during your off-leash trips,

But today when we were coming back from taking out the trash, and my heart stopped as my neighbor turned the corner. I froze.

But to my pleasant surprise, she seemed unfazed. Instead, she looked down at you, smiled and said

Hi there, Cash!

With such a warm smile that my heart melted. It was the same voice that people use for cute small fluffy dogs. That is something really special.

Major progress

I’m so proud of you today! You’ve managed to slowly turn our neighbor’s interactions with you from a No, thank you to a sweet Hi there, Cash!

There’s hope! Today shows that it’s possible for people’s attitudes about pit bulls to be changed!

You’ve made one proud mama out of me today, pup!

Your human,



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