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Day 316 – Barky beginnings?

Dear Puppy,

So far you’ve been a pretty great and pretty amazingly quiet pup.

Itty bitty bark history

There are things that tend to send dogs into a barking frenzy:

  • someone ringing the doorbell
  • seeing other dogs on walks
  • squirrels
  • other dogs barking

But surprisingly, these things haven’t seemed to have the same effect on you.

The most we had heard out of you was back when you were little:

But for the most part, you’ve been surprisingly quiet. My mom even told me she was worried about you because it’s “unnatural” for a dog not to bark. Oh, mothers.


There were a couple isolated cases of you growling, but they never amounted to anything.

Some barks

These past 2 weeks, I’ve learned that you’ve got a strong, big boy bark on you. And it’s come out in the night time:

Did a new dog just move in?

Last week I was upstairs getting ready for bed and then I herd a deep rumbly bark. There are many small dogs in our neighborhood barking all the time, but this didn’t sound like the usual suspects. Was there a new dog in the ‘hood?

I ran downstairs to see you outside for one of your usual nightly potties, but your ears were pointed straight up and your body was stiff. You were giving a slow rumbly bark to something at the top edgy of the fence.

I didn’t even know you were capable of that kind of barking!

You snapped out of it when I called you in. Good pup!

More barking

Later that same week, I got out of the shower and rushed downstairs to find you poised at the screen door, barking the same slow rumbly barks into the darkness of the backyard.

No love for squatters

At night on our off-leash walks, Charlie and I will occasionally run ahead of you and then hide and wait for you to find us. Usually, Charlie and I hide together, but this time we hid separately.

You found me first–good job, pup!–and then I told you to go find Charlie. you ran in his direction and then walked trepidatiously the last few feet before stopping a couple of yards in front of the gate post Charlie was crouching behind. You put the breaks on as you started observing Charlie’s silhouette.

I expected your usual tail-wagging bound over to Charlie and a joyful “Hello!”. Instead, you were rooted to the ground. And then you started barking at Charlie!

What?! But it’s Charlie!

I couldn’t help but laugh a little because it seemed like such a cute protective effort. You love strangers normally, but I guess shady crouching strangers is a different story. The moment Charlie stood up, you were back to your usual self with lots of love and kisses.

Barking Pattern

It seems that you’re getting a touch territorial in your old age, pup. 

1 year old, and now you think you own the place.

I have to admit, your barksnare kind of cute because they’re deep ruffs that are almost like an angry sneeze. But oh, pups. Keep it down!

Your human,


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