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Day 321 – A free range pup

Dear Puppy,

I’m so over your playpen

Every day when I sit at work and watch you on our Nest Cam, I’m saddened that you’re confined to a play pen. When I get home I think to myself:

Wouldn’t it be nice if Cash were free and could come greet me at the door?

Instead, it’s my favorite thing to do to run in and let you out of your pen. You’re usually out of your crate already and waiting for that final fence door to open to freedom.

Let’s change that

I think we’re ready to start giving you free reign of the downstairs during the day while we’re at work.

Warning: This could be a disaster

I’ve scoured the web to try and find the normal age at which humans agree that their pets are ready to be left out of their playpens while their away. The verdict: 7 months (oops, you’re overdue!) to 3 years (that’s 3 of your lifetimes!).

So, looks like it just depends on the pup.

Your track record so far

You’ve been pretty good about not destroying stuff so far, other than your own toys and whatever the heck happened here. But since you were in your pen when you did that damage, being free or not doesn’t seem like it would make a difference.

Plus, you’re frequently downstairs unsupervised for long periods of time when we’re upstairs, and you’re always just chilling on a rug somewhere when we come down.

So let’s do this!

OK, I’ve convinced me! We’re gonna say buh-bye to your playpen.

Little steps

We’ll start small: an hour here and there while I’m running a quick errand and see how it goes. We need to work our way up to 9-10 hours to cover a full work day. Fingers crossed!

Your human,


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